For Partners
It is time to join efforts and work together to create strong logistics products
High competition in the logistics market requires new approaches and solutions. The model of cooperation replaces competition. Combining competencies and using the strengths of each partner will create new high-quality logistics products for the market. We invite to the partnership container flatcar operators, freight forwarders, sea lanes and ports, trucking companies, warehouse operators and container repair and maintenance companies. The Dry Port of Chaykovsky has convenient geographic location and intensive infrastructure. Together with partners we plan to develop the route network.
For Warehouse Operators
The Dry Port of Chaykovsky offer the warehouse logistics market actors discuss the possibility of creating and developing appropriate facilities. In direct proximity to the container terminal, there are more than 12 ha of industrial land provided with 12 MW of electricity.
We are ready to consider providing this site for the implementation of the project in the warehouse real estate sphere.
For Railway Operators
We suggest using our infrastructure to launch our own container trains. We offer our possibilities of acceptance / departure trains of 71 conventional wagons in length to / from the Kauchuk Gorky Railway station (257301).
Our own fleet of 9 locomotives and good station layout allow fast train processing. Container terminal with simultaneous processing ½ container train
For Trucking Companies
To provide the first / last mile, we invite companies with a container truck fleet to the partnership.
Also, for long-haul carriers, we offer to jointly provide the backbone haul in containers by rail, and the first / last mile with a container truck.
For Freight Forwarders
Use the new hub in your logistics schemes. The convenient location at the junction of 4 regions and the evolving route network will allow you to build even more efficient logistics solutions.
For Sea Lanes and Ports
We are glad to cooperate with sea lanes to build new services and routes. We are ready to provide our facilities to increase the availability of container fleet in the regions and joint launch of new scheduled runs.
For Container Repair and Maintenance Companies
We invite container repair and maintenance companies, including tank containers and refrigerated containers, to cooperate.
With the growth of container handling, the need for their maintenance and repair will increase. We are ready to provide capacities for container drains and a site for repair.
Contact us
Drachev Andrey
General Director of LLC Kvadrat

Kryuchkova Irina
Senior accountant

Shemyakin Artyom