The Volga Federal District is region with a huge number of consumers of logistics services
At the Junction of Four Regions
Located in the corridor of the Trans-Siberian Railway
At the junction of 4 regions
Regions with developed economies, consumption and export-import potential
The Dry Port of Chaykovsky is located in the corridor of the Trans-Siberian Railway at the junction of 4 regions of the Russian Federation. The favourable geographical location allows to combine the freight flows of customers of these territories, build a route network and offer the market the regularity of container trains.
Together with partners, we intend to develop joint services and create a combined hub aimed at consumers of logistics services in the Perm Krai, the Udmurt Republic, the Republic of Tatarstan and the Republic of Bashkortostan.

The launch of regular high-speed container trains in the direction of seaports will improve the liaison between the Volga Federal District and foreign and regions, and will significantly increase the speed and efficiency of import and export flows.
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